Quality of cognition is quality of life.

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Existential Intentionalism claims little:

1.) The World seems to exist, and I in it, this is probably all that I know for certain.

2.) Life appears to be my experience of my transactions within the World.

3.) The World's intentionality is transacted by "Being." (This is what the World is "all about.")

4.) My intentionality is transacted by "Doing." (This is what I am "all about.")

5.) The world, everyone and everything in it can "do" nothing to make my experiences any worse or better, but they can "be" something of which I must be cognisant.

6.) The experience of my existence is a product of my cognition, something that I can make worse or better, which is something that I may or may not have yet learned.

7.) Quality of cognition is quality of experience.

8.) Every person goes through the same developmental stages in life, learning (or not learning) the same lessons of experience by their reactions to them. Call it "maturing."

9.) So too, does Society mature (or not mature.)

10.) So too, can Society become cognisant (or remain ignorant) of its existence being a product of social transaction between the self and the World, or its ability to be made better or worse by the collective of individual people, acting independently.

Questions that begin with "Why" are to be asked of the World, and the things it transacts, the things that "are."

Questions of "What" and "How" are to be asked of us and the things we create.

The World, for the last several hundred years, perhaps as many as thousands of years, has been subscribing to a Social Contract that was designed for less civilised people, near instinctual beasts, compared to the Amalgam Intellect that is created by our use of the internet for constant, real-time global communication.

The Spectacle of Hyperreality has been the vehicle of delivering the Social Contract since the birth of Psychology and the acceptance of the power of television. That Spectacle in 2020 is a nonstop projection of fear, but the Amalgam Intellect has made us a nearly equal partner in the possible Authorship of a new Social Contract, truly democratising Society. If we can become aware of our role to play, as the cognitive parts of the Amalgam Intellect and believe we can play it, just like change is possible in the Self, change is made possible in Society, by developing the Self.

The World has an intentionality of Fear which is currently being mirrored by our authorship of the Spectacle, because the Amalgam Intellect is not yet self aware, because we aren't. That intentionality controls our lives via distinction, persecution and competition.

If Hyperreality should be in the control of those who create the Spectacle and that is very nearly completely us, the individual's intentionality of Love will create in the Amalgam Intellect a similar projection, which will free Society to work in more natural systems of community, cooperation and caring.

The question of what we are going to "do" and "not do" to rid ourselves of the old systems is to be answered in the 21st Century Enlightenment. I think some things are obvious, in 2020 you are shouting for certain change in the streets, all over the world. Other things, maybe are not so obvious. We're never going to get anywhere without beginning the conversation...

I would start by looking at what you are doing in your life that is making you unhappy, or at least interfering with your happiness. Are you going to a job you hate because you can do it and you have it and it pays the bills? Then you are not living authentically. Start there.

Are you in a relationship with someone who won't "grow up?" Maybe that person is just stuck in a developmental delay because of something bad that happened when they were a kid, and they have a belief that is untrue, holding them back from healing. Maybe a few words from you could heal that person, unblock their obstacle and your relationship could blossom.

Once we each realise the potential we are wasting by worrying about what the World is "being" rather than what we are "doing" about it, we become capable of seeing there is a plan, there is a way. It's a way of nature, a way of experience and wisdom. It's the same way for all people. You're going to come to the end of your life measuring your moments of integrity to your moments of despair. Everyone's development follows the same march through time, because we get roughly the same amount of time to work through a very similar world, here on planet Earth. Knowing there is a plan and then the details of that plan help you create a better life for yourself.

The same can be said of a Society.

We could jump ahead as a society just by imagining an answer to the question, "What kind of Society would we develop if we had to start again, from scratch?" Then, creating that.

Just, doing it. Like the shoe says...

Existential Intentionality allows us a framework to have a discussion about how the development of the Self will lead to the development of Society, perhaps even the Species.

Let's have that conversation...

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