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"With a goal of developing the habit of Existential Intentionality, we become substantiators of our own reality. Due to our time and place in history, we happen to be able to take part in what was once possible only for the rich and powerful. We can know the truth and share it, in real time, high definition, without restriction or delay."

from Brian C. Taylor's book 

Existential Intentionality in Society: A timeline intervention of the social contract.

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We develop in ourselves an outward intentionality of love, cooperation and solidarity

toward the systems of the World that use an intentionality of fear, competition and distinction.

We share in the benefits of self-development and then project existential intentionality into Society.

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The world in 2020 is a particularly scary place. There's a lot of change being created. Part of that change is controllable by us. Technology and our willingness to use it has created the Amalgam Intellect. We are all connected in realtime, the Spectacle of Hyperreality has been taken over by the public. A new Social Contract is ours to write.

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Everyone goes through developmental stages as they mature, but not everyone learns how to deal with emotions and relationships. Social Transactions between yourself and the rest of the World will make up the bulk of your experience. EI can teach you how be wiser than your years.



Existential Intentionality in Society is a philosophical movement. It all starts and ends in your mind. You have to decide. To help you decide we publish books, blogs, this website and we provide like-minded materials. The democratisation of the Social Contract has an interesting history, practice and future in the 21st Century Enlightenment.


Existential Intentionality is a way of life.

The World is full of people & things with which you transact.

Things either exist or don't. Things can't "do" anything.

Things can only "be." But people can "do."


You create things and ideas that become things in the World. 

You can even create more people! 

But you can never be another person.

You can only "do" something about your person. 

EI defines possible solutions for problems of the self and society.

EI takes nothing from your belief structure.

EI changes your perspective, your "aboutness," your intentionality.

The World comes from an intentionality of Fear.

We must come from an intentionality of Love.

Existential Intentionality is specifically designed to address the development of Society by way of developing the Self.  

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EI Book Release
Brian's new book is the foundation of Existential Intentionality in Society and will be release as a PDF on Nov 24 2020 at 7pm pacific. EVERY subscribed member of exintsoc will receive a FREE copy of the book in their emails. So subscribe today. (We don't send junk mail.) Print copy is coming

Over 100 essays, over ten years of the work of Brian C. Taylor. Please click address above to read from old blog. 

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Writer - Philosopher - Founder of Existential Intentionality - Certified Practitioner of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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